Keeping your Teeth White After Whitening

Getting teeth whitening is a great way to boost your confidence and to make your pearly whites look great. But, the problem is that it’s not permanent. No matter how much you try this, it actually won’t stay there forever. But, did you know that you could keep your teeth much whiter once you’ve finished whitening for a longer time period? here’s how you can do that!

The first is trying out something called the combination whitening approach. This is the longest-lasting whitening, and it’s essentially in-office whitening and then the use of trays once you get back. The in-office whitening can actually whiten your teeth by several shades, and then the whitening trays can be used to help keep the white color for much longer. They give you customized trays of this, and it will work wonders, and keep everything whiter for much longer.

Then, there are a few other care tips that can help you maintain on a more personal level. they’re more preventative steps that can be used to maintain a smile, and they are as follows:

  • Drink water, especially after eating foods
  • Don’t use tobacco products or smoke
  • If you do drink water already, always make sure that you’re having a lot throughout each day
  • Don’t have a lot of staining beverages, such as coffee, tea, or even wine
  • If you like acidic beverages, do drink these through a straw.
  • Finally, enjoy foods that are good for the teeth, such as crunchy vegetables, leafy greens, apples, and strawberries. These also are low on the glycemic index, so you’re not feeding sugars to; any of the teeth that you have, making it easier.

Now while you’ve got all of these amazing options, there is also the fact that if you want to maintain a healthy smile and beautiful teeth, you need to focus on your oral health too. This is a good preventative measure to avoid staining. Having good oral habits also prevents the disease from coming in, and it will keep everything nice and healthy.

Brushing twice a day at least, or even after every meal, is a good first start. If possible, start to bring a toothbrush with you whenever you’re eating so that after every meal that’s on the go, you’ve got something to help clean the teeth. You should also floss at least once a day, sometimes after every meal if possible, in order to prevent the plague from getting larger and building up.

You should also make sure that you do see the dentist after you get the whitening. Your dental appointments don’t stop there! If you do maintain these, you’ll be able to have regular cleaning that is professional, along with polishing that will keep your teeth super white once you’re done whitening. During these appointments, they take a lot of time and some great care on the superficial stains. No matter how perfect you are with this, chances are over time there will be stains on the surface that come about, and they do cause mild discoloration. The best way to do it is to have the dentist clean these off, and from there, they may even give you other recommendations so that you can keep your teeth nice and white and to help you keep your teeth and smile way prettier for way longer. If you do get whitening, that doesn’t mean that’s the end all to your oral health, but instead, you should see the Las Vegas dentist as much as you can so that you can take care of your mouth, and truly enjoy this.

With anything, you need to definitely maintain and have proper oral health. With the right actions, and the right steps, you’ll be even happier than before, and from there, you’ll have a smile that makes you feel good and confident for way longer than you imagined. you’d be amazed at the difference that this will make, and some cool aspects of this, and from there, you’ll be able to have a smile that you’ve always dreamed of, and a definite gleam to it that will make you feel nice and confident as well.

The Benefits of Breastfeeding for a Baby’s oral health

When it comes to childcare, a focal part of it is breastfeeding. Usually, the benefits of breastfeeding extend further than you know, and it actually can help with a baby’s oral health. There is a reason why breastfeeding is encouraged, and here we will talk about the benefits for a baby, including in the realm of oral health.

The first is let’s highlight the benefits of breastfeeding especially in the first six months. It creates a less likelihood of infection in the ear, as well as reducing the obesity rate of a child. It also can help with intelligence and even digestion. They aren’t just for the baby either, but for the mom, since it reduces the odds of cancer, shrinks the uterus which helps after you have a baby, and it also creates a better bonding.

But, let’s talk about how breastfeeding extends to the health of the baby in terms of oral care too.

The first is that it actually promotes better digestion for the child, since breast milk is more digestible than a cow’s milk, so it makes digestion better and nutrients usable. It contains nutrients that help pass through the goo that a baby has. Healthy nutrition isn’t just good for a body, but also good for the teeth as well.

Tooth alignment is actually another huge part of it. According to a study in 2017 that was published by the ADA, breastfed babies were less likely to have issues with their teeth being aligned and while they may still need orthodontics, I some cases this can prevent misaligned teeth from happening as a result.

Then there is tooth decay. If a baby sucks on juice, milk, or even formula, it actually is not good for them. That’s because they are full of sugar, and often, it leads to problems over their entire lifetime. Because those who are breastfed aren’t exposed to baby bottles as much, they typically don’t get tooth decay, especially in the front teeth.

But, don’t think that they won’t get tooth decay at all. It’s still possible because let’s face it if you don’t have a good diet and take care of them for the long run, ti will create issues, but as soon as they erupt, you as a person should brush them. You should either use a cool washcloth in order to wipe them, or even using just a tiny little toothbrush with a very small amount of fluoride toothpaste. For a child, it doesn’t have to be a lot.

Some parents also do wash the gums after they feed the baby with a washcloth. When you do this, you should always make sure that you’re not too hard on them, and instead take it nice and slow when it comes to taking care of the teeth. It is also advisable that your child also sees the dentist at some point between when the teeth first erupt, and their first birthday. That’s because, the dentist will help them as needed, and it can make a major difference in the future and life that you have for your child, and I will help if you need to take care of anything sooner.

If you’re wondering whether it’s time for you to have the dentist see your child, the best thing to do is to call them. Usually, dentists will give your child a good prognosis on their current oral health, as long as they’re able to see it, and from there, they can give you some great treatment options for the child if it’s needed, and also forewarn a child on anything that might come about as a result of this. Its great to know, and by knowing all of this, you as a parent can make a difference in the future of your child’s life.


Why Subscription-based Toothbrushes Are So Ingenious

Brushing your teeth is (or should be) an everyday occurrence that you’ve most likely ingrained into your routine. You almost don’t think about “needing” to do it because you just, well, do it. Waking up and heading to the bathroom is programmed into your body, and grabbing your toothbrush is part of that code.

But what about keeping up to date on getting new toothbrushes? I’ll be honest: I’m a culprit of being overdue on going out and getting a new one. And it’s quite likely that I’m not at all alone in that. Too often life gets in the way and buying a new toothbrush isn’t a part of the regular grocery list.

That’s why some companies are offering subscription based toothbrushes with refillable heads. Most of these companies offer electric toothbrushes to give you the most value in what you’re purchasing and to allow them to save on offering refillable heads rather than entire toothbrushes.
So what makes these companies so successful?

Like I mentioned already, the perceived value of getting an electric toothbrush with new brush heads and toothpaste sent to your door every three months is incredible. You pay up front an amount for the electric “body” of the toothbrush, a head, and a charger, and then you’re paying X amount of dollars each month thereafter for refillable heads.

You don’t have to think about it renewing your toothbrush and likely being overdue like most people; rather, they just send the heads for you and at that point, you know it’s time to switch heads. Pretty genius on their part. Less thinking for consumers equals good products.
While the colors offered aren’t usually super unique, there are a fair amount to choose from. But the real customization comes in building your plan. You can choose to have just heads sent to you on a quarterly basis or heads and toothpaste. There are many other options out there, too, that makes it seem like you can tailor a plan to your exact needs.
It’s electric.
The research out there shows that electric toothbrushes simply clean your teeth better than manual brushing does. A lot of the times, though, people consider electric toothbrushes a luxury or something out of their budget. Some of these toothbrush subscriptions do well to put affordable electric toothbrushes in your hands to help you maintain healthier teeth.

Just like any subscription-based product, toothbrushes are taking off and doing extremely well in the market. People love to have money withdrawn from their account for them so that they don’t have to actively make a purchase or go out to get something if it can be delivered to their door. It makes you wonder what all will end up becoming a subscription product in the future, doesn’t it?