How to Decorate a Brick Wall that is Exposed

Often, some people might have exposed brick walls in their home, which is both a blessing and a curse. Some might opt for a faux brick wall in their home to cater to this, but for those who can’t have a faux brick wall, often jealousy is there.  Brick wall does add some warmth to rooms, and you can use both modern and rustic styles, but there are sometimes various ways to decorate around it. Sure, you could also do this with faux brick walls, but what about those that have the real thing?  Well, this article will go over a few ways to effectively decorate this type of brick wall.


The first are wood accents.  You can paint some walls of brick white to help create a more blanks sort of feel. You ten then incorporate dark wood furniture in order to give a good contrast to the white walls. This is especially good for those who have a more modern desire for their home.


Wall art is another amazing way to effectively and without fail decorate your home.  Wall art can be used to really make a wall of brick stand out.  Sometimes, it does make all the difference.  There are many DIY projects that can be done with this sort of thing, and once you hang it up, it does provide a great contrast for the home. Wall art is a great way to really promote the beauty of your home, and it does provide effective decorating for a brick wall.


Then there is a tassel garland.  Tassel garlands are great for those rough walls to have a bit of a gentler look.  You should go for a peach or pink toned tassel garland if you’re going to work with this. The reason for this is because it does work to make the place look much more feminine.  This is also great if you have a room that’s mostly bland without it.


Then there is the element of creating a wall with a statement.  Now, a good rule of thumb is that black and white are two colors that go together and never go out of style. You can especially use this in your home.  A way to incorporate the brick wall into this, is to start with painting the brick walls white and then putting the wall next to it black. Just paint the one next to it black.  This in turn will create a sophisticated space for yourself and for others.


With art, you don’t always have to go complex. Many people who are trying to create that great style on both a real wall and a faux brick wall tend to look for that complex and interesting art that doesn’t seem to really make sense. For many people, that might seem right, but often, it doesn’t even require that.  You can make the art right from your home, but the simplest types of art work the best for this.  Often, it makes quite the difference if you use something simple instead of complex, and over time, it will create a more warm and welcoming sort of atmosphere.


Then there is the element of washing out the home.  If you have a kitchen or even a laundry room that has a white brick on one of the walls, or even a white faux brick wall, you should try to use furniture and appliances that have the same tones.  You can use a gray toned kitchen set with the floors and cabinets, and often having that wood there with it does make all the difference.  This I great for bathrooms, kitchens, and other rooms that you’re trying to create a more modern feel to them more than anything else.


Then there is the lighting. Now some might think the best sort of lighting for brick walls to get the kind that hangs on the edges of the wall. While that might work, it doesn’t really create that vibe that you’re going for.  Often, you can create an even better, and a more whimsical and creative atmosphere with this, with the lights that you have stringing across.  For a modern sort of home, it makes a much better texture, and over time, it does create a much better sort of atmosphere for the area around.


Then there is the fact that you can paint part of the wall black.  Black walls work well and you can use it both as an accent like mentioned before but also as a color for the brick wall. The nice thing about black is that it’s sleek, beautiful, and often, it adds quite the touch to a room with either a white or a tan sort of accent.  It might seem a bit strange to use at first, but the thing about black, is that it certainly is an attention getter and it will impress your guests like no other.


Finally, there is the art of being eclectic.  For many people, eclectic pieces sometimes fit better than a set design.  Often, the raw nature of a form of exposed brick can sometimes lead a person down a path to better types of styling.  It is certainly something that many people seem to like, and often, while it might seem strange to implement, it is often a good thing for many people to try. Being eclectic isn’t something bad, but rather, it is something that looks good, and is praised.


Having an exposed brick wall is something that isn’t just an eyesore, but rather, it’s a blessing. You can create this as well with a faux brick wall, but for those who have the real thing and are trying to determine styling options, this is the way to go. There are many ways you can decorate this, so many various options, and at the end of the day, it can be one of the best things you do to beautify your home.